OvrC-Enabled Lutron® RA2 Select Main Repeater

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OvrC-Enabled Lutron® RA2 Select Main Repeater

This SnapAV exclusive, OvrC-enabled RA2 Select main repeater acts as the brain of the smart lighting system, and enables seamless setup, wireless control, and monitoring of RA2 Select devices from a smartphone or tablet. Native OvrC integration provides unprecedented remote configuration and management of the RA2 Select system through a secure cloud-to-cloud connection. Clear Connect® RF technology reliably sends wireless commands from the repeater to all devices on an ultra-low-interference band. Plus, it integrates smoothly with popular third-party devices such as Amazon Alexa, Sonos, and more. The main repeater supports up to 100 wireless devices, including dimmers, switches, Pico controls, and wireless shades. Use it to create a custom lighting system your clients will rave about.