Past Projects

False Wall Project - Hidden wires behind a wall build out. Definitive Technologies BP-9060 Towers, 65" LG OLED, Denon 4400X, PS4 Pro

Definitive Technologies Atmos Setup

Custom 5.1 Setup with Harmony Elite universal remote

Custom Digital Signage Apparatus. LG Commercial Grade LCD Panels with Slim Bezel


Custom Built Home Theater 7.4.2 speaker array with Kef Q series speaker, JVC Projector, Acoustic Panels, Harmony Pro universal remote, Google Voice activated, Bond RF controller for ceiling fan control, Samsung Connect for lighting

7.4.2 Surround Sound Dedicated Theater Room

Harmony Pro


TEK-AV worked along side a contractor to produce a stunning room layout with forward facing subwoofer Polk PSW-110, Episode 500 series soundbar, Onkyo receiver with 4k HDMI extenders from centralized rack in the basement, Harmony Home Pro for control

Recessed forward facing sub


Basic stone mounting for classic finish


Bose and Samsung placed delicately on stone finish above a gas fireplace

Stone Face TV and Bose Mounting


Organized wall hanging rack for finished and kept basement storage

Organized Rack Solution


3x3 4K Matrix with LG super slim bezel panels for a near flawless image across 9 screens. Not to mention this setup is 30' in the air.

True 3x3 TV Matrix


Custom hung apparatus for Commecial Panels

Commercial Digital Signage


Pre-wired speaker boxes for attic space! Wouldn't want to have to sacrifice warmth for good sound!

Attic Speaker Pre-wire