araknis NETWORKS; Planned and Provisioned by TEK-AV

TEK-AV has been working with several network hardware providers over the last 3 years. We've provisioned Legrand's Luxul line to several clients, Ubiquiti networks which have  saturated the market, Asus Routers for residential and Cisco network switches for commercial application.


Araknis Networks & TEK-AV

Ultimately TEK-AV has reliably depended on Araknis Networks to solve almost any problem for both residential and small to medium sized commercial clients. From basic wired router solutions to mesh networks and outdoor WiFi soltuions Araknis Networks has the hardware for your particular application.


Araknis WAP from TEK-AV

For our entry level clients we have been integrating the Araknis system into their ecosystem, TEK-AV has been provisioning the 100 series w 2.4ghz or 300 model with 2.4 and 5ghz Wireless Access Points along with their 300 series  Dual WAN VPN Router and 210 series 16 port PoE Switch. 

What this equates to is a rock solid foundation for home internet access, automation control and almost 100% less complaints about "Why isn't the internet working?"

When something is wrong on an araknis based system, rather than being the culprit(as somewhat cheaper routers so often are), your router is instead a tool which can help identify the problem, fix it, and ultimately reduce down time. If you run a home or small business and have historically had unreliable internet this is the first and biggest step you can take towards taking control of your situation.


Araknis Networks provides us with higher tier solutions for clients seeking both speed and reliability as well as network solutions for hard to reach places such as the WiFi access in the pool house, garage, the 7th hole on the golf course or seamless warehouse coverage. 


Outdoor WAP Araknis TEK-AV


Recently the 700 series outdoor WAP has been added to the line up boasting over 1500mbps speeds. 

So if you're looking to get great coverage outside as well as having insane throughput; this is the WAP for your home or business.


Araknis Networks also supply Managed and Non-Managed switches from 8 - 48 ports with or without PoE to fit a myriad of solutions.


OVCR TEK-AVA major reason TEK-AV has been heavily relying on Araknis Network for our network solutions is that we needed a product line that would allow for a basic installation of a router and WAP that was both expandable and gives us the ability to remotely manage and support the product for our clients. Araknis Network equipment comes equipped with OVRC.

OVRC allows us as the integrator to help remotely manage and view the equipment.

This helps us maintain the hardware with firmware updates and also provides us with reporting of any issues in real time. Imagine saving the cost of a site visit to restart your router when we can simply do it from our office!


TEK-AV also offers OVRC Pro subscription to the end-user which offers many support features to them for managing their own equipment as well as a direct line with the installers for support.


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