Residential Service - Install Cat5e Network Cable

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  • TEK-AV will send a professional technician to install a single, continuous, surface mounted network cable in your residence.


    Cable Grade:
    Cat5e - This cable is capable of communicating at speeds up to 1 GB/s at a distance up to 100m. This is sufficient for most home network needs .
    Cat6 - This cable is capable of communicating at speeds up to 10 GB/s at a distance up to 55m. Current home networking equipment will not be able to take full advantage of these speeds. This cable is sufficient for home networks and media extension devices. Using this ensures you wont need to upgrade this cable for years to come.

    Cable Ends:
    Male - The cable will be fixed to the points desired and a 10' coil will be left at each end with a male network cable end installed.
    Female Surface Mounted - The cable will be terminated at the points desired with a surface mounted female outlet. You must supply or order additional patch cables to run from these outlets to the devices you are connecting.

    # of Cables:
    Single - one cable will be run.
    Double - two cables will be run parallel to one another starting and ending in the same places.

    Cable Colour:

    -These cables will all be surface run with the exception of where they pass through the floor or walls to reach their final destination. They will be as direct as possible with small detours allowed for aesthetic purposes. We will not acquiesce to your request to conceal a wire within a finished wall or ceiling, wires will only be placed within a wall etc if that is the easiest route for a technician to follow.
    -It will help if you have some idea of the route the wire can follow on our arrival.
    -In the event that a wire route can not be agreed upon or the work can not be completed for any other reason after the technician arrives and before he starts doing the run, the job will be cancelled and all money will be returned to you less $60 to cover travel and an hour of our technicians time.